Haynes Motor Museum Bespoke Project

Ashtead Engineering (owner of AEC Products) are pleased to announce a bespoke project for Haynes Motor Museum.

AEC Products Stanchions and Rope at Haynes Motor Museum

AEC developed and supplied an extensive set of stanchions and colour-coordinated ropes and bungee cords to compliment the cars on display. The unobtrusive setup provides a secure perimeter around the cars, without hindering the view of the exhibits.

Anyone visiting the museum will be stylishly guided around as well as learn about the vehicles with two types of display stands.

AEC Products Display Stands for signs at Haynes Motor Museum

AEC Products Display Stand for wayfinding sign at Haynes Motor Museum

AEC Products Stanchions and Bungee around a Formula 1 Racecar at Haynes Motor Museum

We also designed custom versions of the medium stanchions with additional holes. This allowed them to connect the medium and small stanchions together and ensured a seamless and tidy transition between the two stanchion sizes.

AEC Products Display Stands at Classic Cars at Haynes Motor Museum
AEC Products Display Stand Signage next to a Ferrari at Haynes Motor Museum
Haynes Motor Museum used the following AEC Products within the space:
If you’d like customised versions of any of our products, or you’d like to speak to us about bespoke pieces, please contact us on 01932 353121 or sales@aec-products.com

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