Medium Surface Mounted Stanchion - 751mm high

Medium Surface Mounted Stanchion - 751mm high

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Our Medium Stanchions are mostly used within gallery environments as they are unlikely to be obtrusive to the artwork. They are designed to be used in any retail space, exhibition or gallery environment.

Guide customers or visitors without being too intrusive to their journey or experience.

The screw fixed surface mounting gives a minimal footprint with a secure and stable installation.

The slim upright supports combined with an elasticated cord not only look sleek and professional but is also safe and minimises risk of trips without giving the impression of a "barrier". Using this solution will not only provide subtle guidance it will also ensure you maintain an open look and feel of the space.

  • 751mm high
  • 76mm diameter base

Custom Colours

We can produce any colour you require, simply contact us with your requirements. Please note some colours may incur additional cost.


All our products are manufactured in the UK from our facility in Surrey. We take meticulous care to ensure the highest possible standard of our products.



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