How Wayfinding Stanchions Improve Customer Service

How Wayfinding Stanchions Improve Customer Service

Wayfinding stanchions effectively channel visitors along the correct course at any type of venue – a solution which enables visitor traffic to flow in a measured and controlled manner, whilst providing the option of discreetly adding messages anywhere along the course.

An improved layout provides far better customer service – it is an essential part of ensuring safety for customers as well as providing a comprehensive wayfinding system.

Why Is Wayfinding Signage Important?

Key Advantages

A Practical Solution

Wayfinding stanchions provide effective and temporary solutions which can be used to direct customers and clients in a safe and practical way. In busy venues optimising wayfinding signage is a good way of increasing efficiency and optimising the visitor experience, whilst at the same time remaining discreet and non-intrusive.

The use of wayfinding stanchions allows visitors to discover the venue by creating a sense of space and purpose – the visit is more meaningful than if the visitor is left to wander around without knowing which direction to take.

Improved Visitor Experience

A lack of signage is frustrating for customers or visitors to a particular venue. Regardless of the industry, be it events, leisure, tourism or transport; the feeling of not knowing which way to go can also lead to increased levels of anxiety and stress for some – ultimately resulting in a negative experience. Adequate wayfinding signage is essential in maintaining an orderly atmosphere and a positive customer experience.


All venue managers and event organisers have the responsibility to ensure the safety of both visitors and employees alike. This includes providing adequate provisions for access to emergency exits, creating a safe visitor circulation capacity as well as making sure that the flow for visitors is suited to the space. In order to achieve this, event organisers must consider how visitors will be using the space, what they will be doing and where they will be going.

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Merchandising Opportunities

The use of stanchions offers additional merchandising opportunities, these are frequently seen in retail. Whilst visitors wait in line, there is the opportunity to market goods placed along queues or provide promotional information.

A Robust Product

High quality stanchions are made from superior quality and durable materials which are designed to withstand the rigours of heavy human traffic, whilst retaining modern and sleek aesthetics.

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Flexible Solution

Wayfinding stanchions are available in various sizes and colour schemes to suit multiple types of space. Wall units provide an alternative solution for when space is at a premium.

Building brand awareness

Signage can be used to promote brand awareness - the wayfinding signs appear to blend in with the space whilst guiding visitors and simultaneously promoting the brand in a discreet manner.

How We Can Help

We offer a variety of stanchion wayfinding solutions which offer clear guidance through any given space yet are noticeable enough for all visitors, whilst being non-obtrusive and subtle on the eye. AEC manufacture and supply stanchions and guidance solutions for showrooms, (including automotive showrooms) retail environments, museums, galleries and leisure spaces.

Our range of stainless-steel stanchions is available in various sizes and colours – these stanchions consist of a stable base and upright support, combined with an elasticated cord. AEC stanchions are available in a wide selection of finishes and colours, with a variety of accessories to complement the choice of stanchions, as well as rope/cord end wall terminators. The AEC team are continuously developing their products and services to offer cost-effective solutions which don’t compromise on quality. Products are easy to order and benefit from a bespoke service, which enables customers to produce any colour required.

We pride ourselves on designing systems which provide for the client’s needs as well as that of the end user, creating a visitor flow which occurs naturally – a seamless experience where finding the right direction is easy.

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