Collection: Stanchions

AEC Products UK offer a range of stainless steel stanchions available in various sizes and colours – our products are designed to be used in retail spaces, showrooms, exhibitions or galleries. Consisting of a stable base and upright support, and when combined with a discreet elasticated cord, affords a seamless professional look that is unobtrusive whilst helping to maintain an open space without impacting on the visitor’s experience.

Combined with a bungee cord or rope, our stanchions are perfect for establishing discreet barriers, managing queues and creating a VIP look.

  • Exceptional quality

    All our stanchions are made from quality stainless steel and designed and manufactured in our own workshop in West Byfleet, Surrey.  

  • Choose your colour

    We can flawlessly cover our small or large metal stanchions in a paint colour of your choosing. The perfect choice for staying on brand.

  • Complete the look

    We offer an excellent range of elasticated cords, ropes and stanchion accessories to complete the look for the area you’re dressing.

  • Top customer service

    We always work closely with our customers to develop a service package that’s right for them and meets their unique requirements. 

  • Automotive shows

    Our high-quality metal stanchions are a perfect choice for modern and vintage automotive shows and car showrooms.

  • Museums and galleries

    We have a long history of supplying gallery stanchions and exhibition barriers to leading art galleries and museums. 

  • Outdoor events

    Built to last, our UK engineered stanchions are ideal for events such as food festivals, sports matches and concerts.  

  • Trade shows

    Choose our bespoke painted stanchions if you want your stand at a trade show to be on brand and look super professional.

  • Airports

    Crowd control is critical at airports. Manage your queues in style with our high-quality stanchions and bungee cords.

  • Crowd control

    Waiting line barriers, queuing systems or security stanchions. Whatever you call them, we can help you control your crowds.


What Are Stanchions?

Stanchions are a common element in barrier systems, typically designed as upright posts. They help in directing pedestrian traffic, managing queues, and enhancing overall crowd control across various environments, offering both functionality and flexibility.

A stanchion essentially refers to a component of some form of barrier system – typically a retractable barrier or post in an upright position, which provides support for other objects. Although the name ‘stanchion’ may not be familiar for some, this type of barrier system is a common sight across a range of industries throughout the world – many of us stand in lines or queues supported by stanchions regularly without even really being aware of it.

AEC offers free-standing and surface-mounted stanchions catering to different needs and environments.

Why Are Barrier Systems Important?

Barrier systems are great for organising visitor movement and maintaining orderly crowd flow. Their strategic implementation can reduce the need for permanent structural alterations, proving indispensable for businesses, events, and public spaces aiming for efficient space management and safety.

Where Are Stanchions Used?

Stanchions are versatile and found in a multitude of settings, including retail stores, airports, museums, galleries, and festivals. They serve multiple purposes from guiding crowds, and managing queue lines, to designating restricted areas, and ensuring a seamless flow of people.