Collection: Bungee Cord & Ropes

Combined with our high-quality stanchions, Our premium range of bungee cord, rope and braided rope completes the look of your barrier setup.

Available in a range of colours, our bungee cords and ropes are designed to be strong, wear-resistant and long-lasting.

  • Superb quality

    All our bungee cords and ropes are designed and manufactured to be strong, wear-resistant and long-lasting.  

  • Attractive colours

    Our three-strand rope, braided rope and elasticated cords are all available in a wide range of attractive colours.

  • Finish the look

    We offer a superb selection of stainless steel and painted stanchions so you can finish the area your dressing in style.

  • First-class service

    We pride ourselves on listening carefully to our customers and working closely with them to ensure their needs are met. 

  • Automotive shows

    Our first-rate bungee cords and ropes are an excellent choice for modern and classic automotive shows and car showrooms.

  • Museums and galleries

    We have supplied attractive bungee cords and rope barriers to leading art galleries and museums in London and throughout the UK. 

  • Outdoor events

    Manufactured to be long-lasting, our high-quality cords and ropes are perfect for outdoor events such as concerts and food festivals.  

  • Trade shows

    Choose our attractive barrier ropes or cords if you want your company’s stand to get noticed and look incredibly stylish at trade shows.

  • Airports

    Manage crowds of people in style with our first-rate ropes and bungee cords. Ideal for keeping holidaymakers and frequent flyers safe.  

  • Crowd control

    Whatever type of crowd you need to control, and wherever you need to control them, we have stylish ropes and cords to help you do it.


What types of bungee cords and ropes are available?

Our collection includes a premium range of bungee cords, three-strand ropes, and braided ropes in various lengths and colours to complement your barrier setups.

How durable are the bungee cords and ropes?

Designed for strength, wear resistance, and longevity, our cords and ropes ensure a lasting and reliable solution for your needs.

Can I find ropes and cords in different colours?

Yes, we offer an extensive selection of colours to match your specific aesthetic requirements and enhance the appearance of your barrier systems.

What lengths of bungee cords can I purchase?

Bungee cords are available in lengths ranging from 5m to 100m, catering to wide range of applications and setup sizes.