Stanchions For Social Distancing In Shops & Public Spaces

Stanchions For Social Distancing In Shops & Public Spaces

The unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 has marked the year of 2020 as a period of widespread change and adaptation to our daily lives right across the globe. Within a short period of time, many brick and mortar businesses were required to take drastic measures and temporarily close their doors to consumers in order to help prevent further outbreak of the virus.

Recent government announcements have resulted in the easing of lockdown restrictions; businesses and organisations across the UK are now slowly being allowed to reopen for trade and welcome clients and customers back. All organisations, however, have a responsibility to ensure that social distancing is maintained by both staff and visitors alike. Whilst many of us are anxious to see a return to normality and be able to resume some of our day to day activities such as visiting retail stores, showrooms and leisure centres; social distancing measures are still very much in place, and are likely to remain so, in some shape or form, for the upcoming months.

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Why Is Social Distancing Important?

Social distancing, also known as physical distancing, is in place with one sole purpose - to maintain a physical space between members of the public outside of their homes, in order to prevent further spread of the virus COVID-19. Maintaining a safe distance from other people when out of the house has become the new norm – a measure which allows customers to wait for a service or to use a facility at a safe social distance.

How Is Social Distancing Maintained?

For organisations to ensure compliance with the new safety regulations, there needs to be some form of control and direction for visitors. The use of stanchions provides a highly effective social distancing marker and barrier system which can help businesses and the wider community move forward, manage the new situation and safely guide their consumers; enabling doors to reopen, but in a safely controlled manner.

What Are Stanchions?

Most of us will have undoubtedly encountered a stanchion at some point in our lives but may not be familiar with its technical name. They are a frequent sight at airports, automotive showrooms, galleries, leisure centres to name but a few - a type of barrier system used for the purposes of queuing, guidance, showcasing and restricting access. There are several types of stanchion, but in its most basic form, consists of a metal pole with a base, rope is often used to link each post and create a more noticeable barrier. Subtle in design, each stanchion can be placed at a two-meter marker point to guide social distancing. This can be further emphasised by the use of appropriate signage – such as floor stickers etc.

Social Distancing Management

Stanchions offer an effective way of setting up a temporary queue, ensuring that individuals are able to maintain a safe distance. They can be set at 2 meter markers, this provides a method of organising social distancing which is noticeable and easy to follow, unobtrusive on the eye, without detracting attention away from the display – the ideal solution for organisations such as showrooms and leisure facilities as well as other types of retailers wishing to showcase their products in a safe way.

Our Social Distancing Stanchions & Products


We offer a range of stanchions to provide clear guidance through your space, these are available in various sizes, materials and colours to specifically match the needs of individual organisations and promote safe social distancing measures.

By linking the stanchions with our high-quality bungee cord, a subtle but effective barrier is created; AEC stanchions are highly robust, able to withstand the rigours of human traffic, whilst benefitting from a modern appearance with a superior finish. Various accessories are also available to complement our stanchion range including a variety of coloured rope and elasticated cord to create straight lines as well as rope/cord end wall terminators.

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Display stands are designed to be used in retail spaces, showrooms, exhibitions and galleries to display information and guide customers and visitors. For example, if visitors are required to use hand sanitiser before entering a space, a stand can be used to display this information and to outline social distancing policies within the space. Our display stands are available in A4 or A3 size, can be rotated between portrait and landscape to suit individual requirements and coupled with stanchions.

How We Can Help

Stanchions have always played an essential role in maintaining orderly systems in many areas of society, but never more so than during the recent global pandemic. For more information on our products and how we can help your organisation manage social distancing regulations, get in touch today.

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