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A3 Double-Sided Display Stand

Portrait or landscape available

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Our display stand can be used to advertise, display information or guide customers and visitors.

Choose between A4 and A3 displays. Landscape is available on request.

It is quick and easy to change the content by sliding the media into the sleeve on both sides of the backing plate. If you would rather stick your media direct to the backing plate (i.e Foamex) please let us know and we will supply without fitting the plastic sleeves.

The display stand is designed to be mounted on our:

The anodised aluminium finish complements any of the colours within our range. If you don't already have any of our stanchions they should be purchased separately.

They are designed to be used in any retail space, exhibition or gallery environment. 

Guide customers or visitors without being too intrusive to their journey or experience.


Portrait or landscape available